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To our loyal customers,

It's been roughly 10 years since we started working with nature.cos in France. We designed our company around their themes and their ideals. As the exclusive US importer and distributor of Couleur Caramel, which is manufactured by nature.cos, we've had very limited success as Natural Cosmetics Limited and yet we continued to remain exclusive to only their products over the years. In the past few years, things have changed significantly at nature.cos and we've not been able to keep up with their distribution expectations.

With that said, going forward in the next few months there will be a new importer and new master distributors of the Couleur Caramel products and Natural Cosmetics Limited is stepping aside to let the brand blossom to it's full potential. We are giving up the site; however, we will continue to offer the line as an online store and a master distributor.

Consumers interested in the line will still be able to buy from our site. Retailers interested in the line will still be able to open accounts and order through our site as well. I personally believe in the line. It's quality, message and potential for the US market inspires us to continue despite these changes.

Warm regards,

Olivier Fuchs

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